Paper Submission

Authors are required to submit a 2-4 page preliminary paper, inclusive of figures. Electronic submission is required in PDF format and sent at the http://www.radar2016.org website. The cove page should include the paper title, names of authors, the contact author: organizational affiliation, address, telephone and email address. Authors can revise and upload their preliminary paper before May 30, 2016, the deadline for the submission of preliminary papers. Authors will be notified of acceptance by  July 30,  2016, and will receive instructions and forms for publication at the time. The paper template can be downloaded from the http://www.radar2016.org. The completed paper (limited to 5 pages) will be required by August 30, 2016. Electronically submission is required in Adobe PDF format. 

Please note:

 Chinese authors should follow the English habit signature: surname (family

name ) should be after the name

Click here to submit a paper http://www.radar2016.org/index.php/welcome

Template for Radar2016.docx